About us and the most important services we provide every day you are in our Care:

You should join us with Sarla, your Chaperone will accompany you on these Trips offered to you by us, New Zealand Indian Tour with Sarla all the way from Auckland to India and back.

Sarla and I have been fortunate to have traveled to numerous destinations all over the world over the past decade. We strongly believe that it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. We now invite you to join us for a truly life-changing adventure to this beautiful and fascinating tour of India.

Having returned from the same trip, we are offering you an experience that has your comfort and security in mind at all times, based on the knowledge gained from this wonderful holiday we went on. For your peace of mind, we want to share all of the benefits and insights we gained prior to your commitment to be one of our Travel Companions.


  1. Sarla your chaperone is with you to relate, to assist, and help
  2. Group meeting to discuss the trip prior to locking it in.
  3. Lessons learned and invaluable hints for travel preparation to India
  4. Flight-Train-Currency-Accommodation arrangements while in our care.
  5. Visa –Medical and other necessities prior to departure.
  6. Airport and other bureaucratic formalities during Trip.
  7. Translation [English to Hindi and visa versa]  Sarla your Chaperone is fluent in English and Hindi.
  8. In our care, your peace of mind, comfort, and wellbeing is our first priority.
  9. Shopping and local merchant insights for your retail therapy needs.

Your Tour Experience With Sarla

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